Spanningsklachten; Hoogsensitief volwassenen; hoogsensitiviteit bij volwassenen; online psycholoog; mindfulness Rotterdam; hulp bij onzekerheid; spanningsklachten Ontwikkelingswerkplaats Rotterdam; mindfulness bij Ontwikkelingswerkplaats in Rotterdam.
Learn from others

The power of developing countries

The West is superior to developing countries. At least, that's the thought that often dominates our media. People often speak of "poor Africa," where nothing but misery prevails. The media play a major role because they magnify in particular hunger, poverty and war in these areas, but a developing country is more than that. Ontwikkelingswerkplaats will show that knowledge comes from both sides: we can also learn something from them.

Volunteer work

Do you want to experience how it is to do volunteer work and spend an extended period of time in a developing country? Ontwikkelingswerkplaats can help you with that. In fact, we will help you find an interesting project, organise collection and transportation to and from the airport, as well as in arranging accommodations. This lowers the barrier to doing development work.


Turn your own life around 
Doing development work is a life-changing experience. Experience what it's like to just let go of all the expectations of home, to be in an environment that doesn’t adhere to such a tight schedule, or where it is less strictly enforced. How will you manage in a completely new and different environment? And how will you react when work is progressing less smoothly than you would like? This travel experience can help you gain more perspective and increase your confidence.


Please contact us for more information and to see what Ontwikkelingswerkplaats can do for you. From 2016, mindfulness training will also be offered in combination with performing volunteer work in Peru and Uganda. Would you like something else in your life, but don’t (yet) know what? Then this is your chance to find out!

The power of your feelings

In 1997, the American psychologist Elaine Aron introduced the concept of sensory -processing sensitivity "in the scientific literature. This is also known as high sensitivity and HSP ( highly sensitive person) . Her research shows that about 20% of the population is highly sensitive. There are indications that it is an inherited trait , which occurs as much among men and women.

It is a feature, that you can have a greater or lesser extent. HSP is more sensitive to impressions and impulses by which he or she is faster than an average person can become overstimulated . Therefore, someone who is sensitive , freeze faster in our fast-paced society with a wealth of information and opportunities.

Burn-outs are a Western problem

The West has grown dramatically in economic terms in recent decades. Research shows that we have not, however, become happier. Stress and burn-outs are a growing problem in our society. Ontwikkelingswerkplaats believes that we can better define and find happiness by looking at developing countries. Essentially, by going 'back to basics'.

Get inspiration from other countries

Developing countries have a powerful strength, which we seem to have lost in the West. Examples of this include living in the moment, creativity, solidarity, helping each other, finding meaning and having an eye for the positive things in life.

In other countries, everyday life does not always go as planned: a broken bus, an unexpected important family visit or a downpour can cause things to fall apart. These unplanned events require flexibility and often lead to special encounters, creativity and offering each other a helping hand.

Are you curious about what you can learn from the attitude and approach found in developing countries? Ontwikkelingswerkplaats writes a monthly blog with the self-explanatory working title "What we can learn from developing countries." In addition, we regularly organise lectures on this subject. In line with this, we are organising a trip to Uganda in 2017 so you can inspire yourself.

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