Spanningsklachten; Hoogsensitief volwassenen; hoogsensitiviteit bij volwassenen; online psycholoog; mindfulness Rotterdam; hulp bij onzekerheid; spanningsklachten Ontwikkelingswerkplaats Rotterdam; mindfulness bij Ontwikkelingswerkplaats in Rotterdam.
The art of an intensely peaceful life

(Online) psychologist and mindfulness

Mindfulness and solution-oriented assistance for work-related stress, burn-outs, being overworked and (high) sensitivity are our expertise.

Sometimes you just can’t figure things out on your own and a good listener, someone who helps make sense of things again, can be a good thing to have. Ontwikkelingswerkplaats specialises in individual counselling for work-related stress, burn-outs and (high) sensitivity. Prolonged stress may cause sleep problems, concentration problems and depression. Sound familiar? Perhaps you should seek help!


Tailored to you

Understanding your complaints and problems can help you to get on top of them again and regain a feeling of control. By asking questions and getting you thinking, we can lend a helping hand. Ontwikkelingswerkplaats focuses not only on your symptoms and limitations, but - together with you - seeks out solutions by looking at your abilities and potential. This enables quick recovery and growth, allowing you to face the future again with confidence. This is also known as a solution-focused approach. In addition, there are practical tips and guidelines that can be given in order to be better armed against stress, including relaxation techniques and advice for better sleep hygiene. Depending on the complaints and wishes, the treatment is tailored individually. Three to five chats are generally sufficient to reduce the symptoms.



You can sign up directly for an introductory chat (also available via Skype). A call lasts 45 minutes and costs €75.00. Upon presentation of a valid student ID, students will be charged €60.00 for a chat. These chats are usually not reimbursed by your insurer, but they may be reimbursed by your employer. If you work as an independent business owner, the costs are tax deductible. 



Calls on site will take place at Boergoensevliet 48A, 3082 KV Rotterdam